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Comprehensive health insurance in Egypt


Comprehensive health insurance in Egypt

Extensive health care coverage in Egypt

The year 1964 was a significant defining moment in the way of medical coverage in Egypt with the issuance of two significant regulations: Law 75 of 1964 The arrangements of this regulation accommodate the utilization of health care coverage to government representatives, public bodies, public establishments and nearby organization units as a trade-off for a commitment of 3% of laborers' wages to be paid month to month The business (the public authority), notwithstanding 1% of the month to month wage paid by the specialist or worker. In view of this regulation, Presidential Decree 1209 of 1964 was given to lay out the General Authority for Health Insurance to carry out its arrangements. Regulation 63 of 1964 applying medical coverage to laborers in the general population and private areas subject to the Social Insurance Law as a trade-off for a commitment of 4% of the month to month compensation paid by the business notwithstanding 1% of the month to month wage paid by the specialist. The law depended the General Authority for Social Insurance around then to carry out this regulation and considering the duplication of health care coverage execution between the General Authority for Health Insurance and the General Authority for Social Insurance.

The year 1975 was one more defining moment, as two significant regulations were given that are still in force as of not long ago: Law 32 of 1975 in regards to protection treatment for government representatives, nearby organization units, public bodies and public foundations, whose assignment is given in stages by a choice of the Minister of Health and Population. This regulation lessens the weights The monetary obligation shared with the business expanded from 3% of the month to month wages to 1.5%, and the weights on the specialists were decreased from 1% to ½% of the fundamental compensation. As a trade-off for this decrease, a few monetary commitments were added to be paid by the guaranteed after acquiring the help. The second is Law 79 of that very year, and the investment rate in it goes from 1% to 3%.

From that point onward, the Egyptian wellbeing organization, starting from the start of the long periods of monetary receptiveness - arbitrary nature - went through a tough spot, which created many issues confronting the Egyptian wellbeing framework, and these issues were motivation to contemplate laying out another protection framework, the most significant of which are:

• The consistent acceleration of self-use from the pockets of direct residents to get wellbeing administrations and medication, with the constant decrease in broad daylight spending on wellbeing, has prompted the exit of a huge area of residents outside the extent of the general wellbeing framework, particularly the less fortunate and minimized portions and a long way from formal structures, notwithstanding the expansion in monetary obstructions The topography that prompts the inaccessibility of wellbeing and drug administrations, with the proceeded with weakening in the nature of the accessible and endorsed administrations in the general wellbeing areas, inside the delicate system of the official environment that manages these areas, which builds the haphazardness of wellbeing works on, prompting a misuse of monetary and HR.

• In 1995, a report was given by the Health Committee of the Shura Council - which was available at that point - which emerged with an end that specified the need to change the wellbeing area and the arrangements to be taken on to accomplish complete wellbeing inclusion through an extensive social medical coverage framework.

• In 1997, the state took part in a change wave to attempt to change the health care coverage framework by executing suggestions and logical investigations for a far reaching and level program to rebuild the wellbeing framework and health care coverage.

• The years 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2010 saw a few endeavors and ventures to give a new and extensive health care coverage regulation pointed toward improving the framework, guaranteeing civil rights, and widespread wellbeing inclusion. . In the 2004/2005 venture, the Workers' Union consented to the recommended expansions in restricted extents, yet changing the mindful clergyman before the task arrived at the People's Assembly forestalled execution, and with the appearance of the financial specialists government, it presented another undertaking in 2007, its presentations incorporated a choice by the Council of Ministers to change the General Authority for Health Insurance into an organization A holding for medical care, and common society answered this by embracing a case under the steady gaze of the Administrative Court, in which a decision was given on December 4, 2008 to stop the execution of Prime Minister's Decision No. 637 of 2007 laying out the Health Care Holding Company.

• After the January 2011 unrest: a council was shaped from agents of the public authority and society pervaded with the January soul. It dealt with making major revisions to the law in light of the prerequisites of society and in execution of the decision of the Administrative Court. It led numerous local area discoursed and this brought about numerous changes, adding up to 42 corrections to a draft regulation 2010. During 2012 and 2013, the board proceeded with its work on the draft regulation submitted to the Shura Council, however it remembered a slight change for the name from complete medical coverage to exhaustive health care coverage, and didn't influence the embodiment of the past corrections.

• The period from 2013 until the reception of the law: For the initial time, a teacher in the Ministry of Health assumed control over the arrangement of the Ministry of Health, and she, at the end of the day, expected the administration of the Law Committee, and added to its enrollment various agents of various cultural flows, and looked for the help of numerous specialists, and this panel attempted to finish this The venture was almost five years of age, during which it held in excess of 30 local area exchanges, and answered numerous perceptions and objective options, and the board closed a coordinated draft regulation to progressively accomplish the objectives of wellbeing change and general wellbeing inclusion, on 11/17/2016.