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Comprehensive health insurance

Extensive medical coverage

It is a required social medical coverage framework in Egypt, which works as per Law No. 2 of 2018, which expresses that exhaustive social health care coverage is a compulsory framework, in view of social fortitude and its umbrella covers all residents partaking in the framework, and the state bears loads on those can't in light of a choice gave by The Prime Minister decides the exclusion controls, and the family is the primary protection inclusion unit inside the framework. This framework is additionally founded on the division of subsidizing from administration arrangement, and the authority may not give treatment benefits or take an interest in giving them.

Extensive medical coverage depends on isolating help arrangement from its funding and oversight systems. Consequently, 3 bodies deal with the thorough health care coverage framework, the General Authority for Health Care, which gives health care coverage benefits, the Comprehensive Health Insurance Authority, which makes due, funds and buys wellbeing administrations, and the General Authority for Accreditation and Oversight It sets principles for quality and license of wellbeing offices, and wellbeing command over the supportability of value inside wellbeing offices


The eight tomahawks on which the complete health care coverage project is based:
  • Vital Planning.
  • Arrangement of framework and hardware.
  • Automation and advanced change.
  • Institutional change.
  • Capability for enlistment and authorization.
  • HR and preparing.
  • Enlistment and opening of family medication documents.
  • Mindfulness and data.


The family specialist or general professional in the predetermined treatment offices.

Specific specialists, including those connected with oral and dental medication and medical procedure.

Home clinical consideration when proper.

Treatment and remain in the medical clinic or specific focus, medical procedure and different kinds of therapy.

Assessment by clinical imaging, research center tests and other clinical assessments and such.

Recovery administrations, physiotherapy and prosthetic gadgets as indicated by the fundamental records gave by the specific boards of trustees of the power.

Altering clinical solutions and administering meds and supplies required for therapy as indicated by the essential and advantageous records gave by the specific panels of the power, as well as making the fundamental clinical reports.

Essential and occasional clinical assessment for every contender for work to check his wellbeing and mental wellness.