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Health insurance in Belarus

Medical coverage in Belarus

MSF is working with the Belarusian Ministry of Health to work on patients' consistence with treatment for MDR-TB and substance misuse like liquor.

As per the most recent version of the World Health Organization's Global Tuberculosis Report, Belarus is among the nations generally impacted by MDR-TB. MSF is supporting the Ministry of Health in four tuberculosis offices across Minsk and the locale. Two examinations, TB Practical and endTB, are being directed in Minsk to give creative treatment in light of more limited span and more current medications for tuberculosis patients.

In Orsha, our groups treat jail prisoners with drug-safe tuberculosis and co-morbidities like hepatitis C, getting immediate acting antivirals.

MSF in Belarus in 2020:

In 2020, MSF groups kept on supporting the Belarusian National Tuberculosis Program in four offices in the capital, Minsk, and in two different areas.

MSF's multidisciplinary groups have embraced a group focused way to deal with giving treatment and psychosocial backing to patients with drug-safe tuberculosis. This approach incorporates assisting liquor or medication clients with managing their dependence so they can effectively finish their treatment program. Our groups likewise support the treatment of detainees with drug-safe tuberculosis with different sicknesses like hepatitis C and additionally HIV at the tuberculosis medical clinic of a remedial office in Orsha in the east of the country, as well as the therapy of patients at the constrained hospitalization community in the town of Volkovichi close to Minsk .

Minsk is likewise one of five locales in the MSF-upheld "TB PRACTICAL" clinical preliminary taking a gander at inventive MDR-TB programs, which are a lot more limited and run north of a half year rather than the right now endorsed year and a half. It doesn't need infusions. The examination went on during 2020 and entered its second stage toward the year's end.

Then again, following the official decisions in Belarus in August, rehashed common society exhibits in the capital, Minsk and different urban areas confronted a fierce reaction. In this way, our groups, fully backed up by the Ministry of Health, started offering mental help to the people who need it, as well as giving specialized skill to help references that require psychosocial support inside the structure of the general wellbeing framework.