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Health insurance benefits for employees


Health insurance benefits for employees

Medical coverage benefits for representatives

Clinical consideration and the security of the strength of the guaranteed is perhaps the main reason designated by the social protection framework because of its immediate relationship to public creation and the assurance of human resources. In this specific circumstance, the new Insurance and Pensions Law means to extend the extent of ailment protection.

Subject classifications and financing:

The draft regulation accounted for the opportunities for the overwhelming majority areas addressed by the arrangements of the law to profit from the protection of ailment, and those classes and the financing expected to cover not entirely set in stone as indicated by the accompanying:

Others' laborers:

The business' portion that funds the right to therapy and clinical consideration for them is set at 3% of the specialists' wages, notwithstanding 0.25% of similar base for the exhibition of the monetary privileges (wage remuneration and transportation costs). The previously mentioned rate as a trade-off for his commitment to pay remuneration for the wages and transportation costs for his workers.

The portion of the guaranteed comparable to the class of laborers with outsiders is fixed at 1% of the protected's pay.

Entrepreneurs and such:

Still up in the air by the offer paid by the guaranteed at 4% of the commitment pay class based on what commitments are paid.

Sporadic work:

Not entirely settled by the offer paid by the protected at 4% of the pay or pay of the commitment based on which the commitments are paid.

Retired people of the previously mentioned classes:

Not entirely set in stone by the offer paid by the retired person at the pace of 2% of the annuity.

Conditions for profiting from affliction protection:

For the patient to profit from the advantages of protection against ailment, the task specified that he be a member in it for a time of three constant months or six irregular months so the most recent two months are consistent.

Instances of suspension of the arrangements of this protection:

The venture chose to suspend the legitimacy of the arrangements of this protection during the accompanying time frames:

The time of work of the safeguarded with an element that isn't dependent upon this protection.

Term of obligatory enrollment, maintenance and review of the military.

Augmentation of exceptional leaves, secondments, concentrate on leaves and logical missions, which the guaranteed spends outside the country.