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The difference between health insurance and social insurance


The difference between health insurance and social insurance

The contrast between medical coverage and social protection

The contrast among protection and between friendly protection, protection and annuities?

Social protection is a kind of protection, which incorporates a combination of life and demise and work wounds protection for laborers in the state or the confidential area, where the General Organization for Social Insurance remunerates members (public and confidential area representatives) in case of death or injury during work, as well as Providing them with a retirement compensation, as a trade-off for paying month to month commitments as a level of the month to month pay.

It is like the General Organization for Insurance and Pensions.

With respect to the protection, it incorporates, notwithstanding work wounds, demise, and retirement, the other notable sorts of protection like wellbeing, fire, vehicles, products transportation and designing.

What is the reason for thorough medical coverage?

The framework means to decrease destitution and illness rates by moving the monetary weight coming about because of the event of the sickness from the singular pay of the resident to a solid monetary framework that has the monetary capacity to bear this weight, and attempt to give full clinical security to the family in return for paying commitments to the able family, while the unfit family bears the depository Public monetary weight of wellbeing inclusion for these families, which assists with staying away from the resident confronting enormous consumptions on wellbeing for him as well as his family, which prompts working on the existences of residents.

Why change the ongoing medical coverage?

Since Egyptians reserve the privilege to carry on with a solid and safe life through a coordinated health care coverage framework equipped for accomplishing complete wellbeing inclusion and early mediation against infections and wounds for all residents to guarantee monetary security for the people who can't, and this change was vital for the powerlessness of the past health care coverage to give inclusion Insurance to all residents, particularly the individuals who are not covered and who can't, unpredictable laborers, entrepreneurs, college understudies and the remainder of the relatives subject to the relevant health care coverage framework.

The division of financing from administration arrangement in the exhaustive health care coverage framework is one of the main factors that lead to further developing help quality, raising execution proficiency, having genuine responsibility, and accomplishing specialist organizations' reaction to the requirements and assumptions for residents, as the new framework depends on buying medical services administration from all specialist co-ops. Medical care.

What is the contrast between current medical coverage and thorough health care coverage?

The ongoing health care coverage conceals classifications of to half of the residents, while the exhaustive health care coverage will cover all residents.

In the ongoing health care coverage, the individual is the unit of protection inclusion, while for the exhaustive health care coverage, the entire family is the unit of protection inclusion.